Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Got the tree up. This is the first time we put it up before Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Well for all your hunting enthusiasts it is that time a year. November 22nd is really the beginning of no more sleeping in on the weekends and having late dinners, but all is good and I got went through Oklahoma hunters safety course this year. What this means is I can go get my license now and I can go hunting or trapping which is another project Bryan and I are starting this December. That is the real reason I went and got my course certificate just so we both could trap this December. We will be attempting to trap Bobcats and Raccoons. If you only knew how many raccoons we had. I have set our live traps out a few times this year and caught something every time. Here are some pics and some hunting pics of the past.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here is a pic of our new home this was taken awhile back, but it does show our wonderful new roof.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our first haircut....

Aubrey(scary deer hunter), her friend Mallory (princess), and Jackson( buck) at Halloween.

Aubrey had to dress up like a chicken for school for Halloween...

Our First Posting

Okay I have never blogged before, but it seems like a pretty cool way to see what's going on in peoples lives. I am sure that I am really far behind, but I guess it's never too late. We have fallen out of touch with so many of our old friends, but I am sure they understand that when you have kids they consume your lives. I have started getting a really bad memory, and have so much on my mind all the time. I have really started to try and get more organized. I try to keep up with my laundry at home and keep most of the rooms picked up daily. I even made us out our own little chore chart. We stayed with it for one week, and I think I am the only one who has stuck with it at all. So anyways let's see.

Bryan and I have moved outside of Marlow to Bray. Bray is a very small town just 5 miles east of Marlow. We live on the west side of Bray. We bought a house and 100 acres. The house will be a project forever, but is totally worth it. When we first went to look at it. My parents wanted us to just walk away, but we knew that we could do it. It has a lot of room and we all have our own bathrooms. The great thing about it is we can go fishing, hunting, feed the cows, or ride the four wheeler (Aubreys Favorite) anytime we want. It really will be a great place for us to raise the kids. Aubrey loves it. I ask her all the time do you miss our in town and she always says no.

We have so many things we want to do this next year that there is no way we will be able to do it all. I have so many ideas and so many dreams of making this place an actual farm. I want to grow a large orchard, have a nice garden, build a chicken coup, fix the fences so our cows quit getting out, get a dog pen built so the deer aren't afraid to come around the house. We will never run out of exictement. I have never seen so much wildlife in my life and I grew up in the country. My dogs have turned into excellent armadillo hunters. They constantly smell like a skunk, and come back from the creek totally wore out and soaking wet. There is nothing like riding the four wheeler to the pond and seeing the dogs race to the water and jump in even when it's really cold outside. I have so many blessings in my life that nothing could make me happier.

Jackson is 15 months now and what a chunk. He loves his sister and loves watching everything she does. He also loves riding on the 4 wheeler and going with me to feed the cows.

Aubrey is fixing to turn 6 in December and has grown up so much it is so scary. I turned around oner day and my little 2 year old is almost 6 wow can'[t even believe it. She loves school most of the time, but would rather get to sleep in. Just like her mother. She loves reading scary books with me or watching a scary movie. She spends a lot of time outside playing in the dirt which I think is fantastic for kids these days to do it let's there imaginations run wild. I did it and wouldn't take back one minute of those memories.

Bryan and I are still doing the same things. Working at Halliburton. I think as long as there is a Halliburton we will be doing okay, but you never know. Anyways, hope to keep in touch with everyone and will be checking your blogs also.