Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jackson at daycare with ponytails-when his hair was long!

One of her 2009 school pics!

Growing up way too fast!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Morel Mushrooms
If you like fried mushrooms or any type of mushrooms I must say these are some of the best I have ever had. We just learned about them last year, and we picked a few and I fried them, and we instantly fell in love. Apparently there are people who go crazy over these things. There are all kinds of websites dedicated to these things. Well we decided to keep some to cook tonight, and the rest we found out on the Internet that you can dry them out and use them anytime by putting them back in water and they will totally rehydrate themselves and be just as good as when they were fresh. I hope we can find some more.

We found the mother load.
We picked about 200 mushrooms Sunday.
We cooked hamburgers out yesterday, and had Mom and Dad, Bryans parents, Jackye, Casey, and Cadey. Donna & Kent came later. We had a great time looking for these things and when we found them it was like hitting the jackpot. If we get some rain we might find a lot more.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aubrey loves fishing. I just showed her a couple times how to cast, and she cught on right away. I can't get her to hold the fish yet. She thinks the fish will bite her.

Friday, March 13, 2009

First day of spring is March 20th.
This weather just drives me crazy, and now I have this stupid nagging cough I just got yesterday. Jackson has a runyy nose,a nd Bryan says he's not feeling great. Well I am going to be doing some major yard work and gardening this year. I have ordered 10 Hydrangeas and a couple apple trees, and Burr Oak from the local Department of Agriculture. If you need trees this is a great place to start out because they have this sale every year which ends today. The Hydrangeas are only 3.90 each and the trees are from 3-12.00 dollars which I have done a lot of shopping around and this isn't a bad deal. Especially the Hydrangeas. I have spent 20-30 dollars each on Hydrangeas before. I know these will be small, but well worth it. I love Hydrangeas- by far my favorite shrub. I am looking into getting one of those Butterfly Bushes mom bought one last year and the fragrance is unbelieveable and they have they prettiest cone shaped flowers on them. I have to find some stuff that requires full shade also. I am wanting to try some roses this year which worries me cause roses are the most finicky type of plant. I have heard all kinds of advice on roses, but the truth is no one really knows. It totally depends on your soil type which I have not had tested. They don't like direct watering because it causes what I call black mold. you really have to do base watering. Which I am a firm believer in sticking the sprinkler out and letting it do the work. I am also thinking of some climbing roses. Which are gorgeous if they make it and produce 100's of blooms. I don't know even where to get started sometimes I just know I have a lot of work ahead of me. Oh yeah and my vegetable garden forgot about that one. Details to come.

Monday, March 9, 2009



Bryan probably wouldn't approve of this one, but it was too cute.

Love this one!

Random pics from the weekend!

A New Family Member!
This is Macy-Mia-CoCo obviously we can't decide what to name her, but are taking suggestions. She is the funniest little dog. She is a basset hound. So you know she has the sweetest personality. Very lazy which is great for a puppy because I have only seen a couple of wild outbursts from her. She is getting to stay in the house so she is already spoiled.

We have these lizards everywhere. I haven't tried to figure out what they are, but I bet I saw 20 of them yesterday and saw one really big one. If anyone knows please tell me. I wonder why we have so many they were everywhere last year too. You can always find them on the house.

The Bradford Pears are blooming and look so pretty. I didn't get the pic but the fruit trees are also blooming along with the wild plums and they smell so sweet.