Sunday, May 30, 2010

The snake we found in the house.

Yes we found a snake in the house, and yes I am sleeping at night.

It was crawling in the hall going into Jacksons room and Bryan caught it and killed it. I know pretty creepy huh? We are all fine now and we are fillinf any holes that we think he may have gotten through.

Starving after swimming.

He was so hungry he didn't have time to put any pants on.Yummy Quesadillas.

Loves sour cream.

Swimming in the horse trough

Yes that is Bryan sitting in the trough in the background cooling off after mowing with a beer.
Love it.

Love it.

Pissed off.

Really frustrated.
We decided to get this horse trough from mom and dads. This trough has been in our family for at least 35 years. Me and my 2 sisters swam in it for years growing up, and now the kids get to do the same. I ddi paint the inside so it looks a lot better, but since the other day the paint has already peeled off. I have got to find some better paint. The kids absolutley love it, and it is sooo easy to clean out. Thanks Granny and Papa.

Our newest babies

Momma with her twins.

Grey twin #1

Black & Tan twin #2

Jackson loves to hug them, and squeeze them, and love them, and squeeze them more.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you have the tickets? What tickets? The tickets for the GUN show. Ha Ha

Sorry couldn't help it. My husband has the nicest arms. Especially for someone that doesn't work out. Anyways we had a great afternoon Sunday. Mom and Dad came over and took the kids home with them and we decided to check out the fish in our pond. We took our little boat out, and I will have to say I probably caught more bass, but Bryan probably caught the bigger ones. We had a good time. Love ya babe. He is going to die when he sees this.