Thursday, April 8, 2010

Larry The Cable Guy

We got a donkey a couple of weeks ago, and we have loved him ever since. Aubrey absolutely loves him. We got him to keep with the goats because they are supposed to protect your goats from predators. We have a major problem with coyotes, and luckily we haven't lost any goats to them, but they are brave and are around our front yard pretty often. His name is Larry. I call him Larry the cable guy. He is such a good boy. We try to go out and give him an apple and brush pretty regularly. Aubrey and I walked him the other night and he is a little stubborn, but not anything we can't fix. As soon as I took his lead off he took off and bucked a couple of times and Aubrey just thought it was the funniest thing. He acted like we had just had such control over him that he felt freedom as soon as I let him go.

I don't know why, but the goats love laying where we had big brush pile we burnt a couple weeks ago.

This is my Nanny. Literally I have about 20 nannies, but this one is my favorite and her name is Nanny because she was my first one, and she is the friendliest one. She come up to me and wants to be pet everyday. Now she is the nicest to us, but she is my dominant female and is the least friendliest with the rest of the girls and boys. If your wondering about the collar on her. Some of them are lead broke so we can walk them if we need to. If you click on the pic it will make it bigger so you can see her babies upper lip. The males do this for some reason, and it is the funniest thing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our pond is at full capacity. It won't look like this in July.

Redbuds blooming on our place.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The kids with their new movies from Granny.

Getting ready to find eggs.

Bryan and Aubrey

My Niece Cadey (so stinkin'cute)

Of course Aubrey got the Mother load.

I love this picture of my Mimi with the great grandkids, and all of them are laughing.

This is a typical Jackson moment out in the woods peeing. This is the after shot. I won't show a pic of the prize he left mom and dad in the front yard the day before.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My favorite Knife

If you have ever wanted a really good chopping knife, but didn't want to spend a fortune this is the knife for you. I bought mine 2 years ago, and loved it right away. I went into a new shop that opened in Duncan and couldn't believe how wonderful this place was. So many gadgets, and upscale products that you usually have to order. I told the guy I wanted a good knife to chop with and he took me right to the ceramic knives. I had never heard of ceramic knives. He took me over to his kitchen. Yes there is a small kitchen in the store with a counter top people can sit around or sample foods on. He got out a tomato out of the fridge and had me use the knife. He actually showed me how to properly hold it, and how to chop like the chefs on tv do. I even got one of my friends to buy one. I bought one for my mom for Christmas 2 years ago, and my sister got one a year ago. They all rave. My brother works for a restaurant supply company in Houston and he even loves it. The 5.5" Santoku which is the one shown runs $79.95, and I know you may think it is pricey, but I am telling you this is the best knife I have ever owned, and it also has a lifetime warranty, and when it gets dull (mine hasn't yet) you send it back to the company and they sharpen or replace it for you. They also make other sizes, and paring knives which will be my next purchase. 5 stars *****

It's that time of year again...

Morels in the wild.

Our harvest.

I think Bryan and Aubrey probably picked 300 of these babies. Hopefully we will find a few more. Weather has been crazy this year so who knows what will happen.