Monday, July 27, 2009

Bull Nettle

I have always told Aubrey to stay away from these things, but boy did we have a scare yesterday. Chrisie, Faron, and Cole, Andy and Julie and our family had a great day we had gone to Chrisie's brothers and had a shrimp boil. I had taken Jackson home cause he was the crankiest baby in the world, and everyone was going to come over. Well after everyone showed up the guys went down to the pond and took Cole and Aubrey down there while Jackson was in his bed screaming his head off because it was time for a nap. When they came back Faron had asked me about Aubrey having poison ivy on her arms, and that she was complaining because she was itching. He said when they went down to the pond she had rode the motorcycle with her dad and her foot hit a bull nettle and she wanted to ride the four wheeler with him back. About 10 minutes after they got back to the house she broke out from head to toe with a horrible looking rash-hives-thing. She had 4-5 inch whelps on her rear and her legs, and her ears swelled up, her foot was swollen. It was down right scary. So Chrisie and I decided to put her in the tub with some Oatmeal. I don't know we just knew it does something that stops the itch or something. My mom always did it to my sister that got poison ivy. Chrisie was the life saver though. She had Benedryl in her bag for Cole. I will always have Benedryl in my house from now on. We gave her a couple of doses and about an hour later she was feeling better and wanting to go outside. This was actually really pretty scary. I stayed pretty calm, but inside I was sick with worry. I had called my mom and told her what was going on she had came over and reassured me that we didn't need to rush to the emergency room yet. She said just wait and give the Benedryl time to do it's thing first. Thank God for good friends and Benedryl. Now looking back it is kind of funny we all went into this really quiet calm mode where you knew everyone was worried, but everyone kept their cool about it. Julie told me later she was like "Oh man I would have been at the emergency room a long time ago, and all of yall were all calm about it and like not panicking". It was scary and I hope it doesn't happen again, but there is a good chance it will. I know things will happen especially when you live in the country, but this gave me a wake up call and made me realize I may need to take a better look at my medicine cabinet.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Visiting the In Laws in Hurst Tx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is what we brought home from the World's Largest Garage Sale along with some other finds. Aubrey has been asking for a four wheeler for the last couple of months and I found this one at a garage sale. She asks us every night to drive it. She is getting really good a driving, but I always get this knot in my stomache everytime she gets on it by herself. I will always worry, and now I know what I put my mother through. I remember the first time my dad let me mow with the push mower and my mom came screaming out of the house "she'll cut her foot off". We can laugh about it now, but it's my turn to feel that same way.