Monday, January 25, 2010

RIP-The tree killer!!!

Our poor old ugly billy goat has died and gone to goat heaven. I never really liked the fella, but when he died I was actually a little sad since it was kind of unexpected. He had a wonderful life. No male competition, loved the ladies, and had an endless supply of food. He used the bathroom wherever he felt the urge and banged his head up against any tree strong enough to withstand the beating. He did kill some pine trees that I loved. Oh yeah he killed my apple and peach trees I planted last year. I guess I don't miss him that much. Now I am getting angry thinking about those trees. I will have to say watching him get his horns between Bryan's legs and watching Bryan jump around was the one of the funniest things I will remember about him. Now I don't have to watch the kids when they get in the goat pen. When before I always had to keep my eye on that goat because he would unexpectedly butt you. I guess he will be replaced. He does have a son that will carry on his legacy, but that will be 2 years before he is ready. So I guess we will have to go find another. Hopefully the next one won't be such a tree killer.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photography Contest- Theme Water

My baby- Playing in our pond-yes I was right there next to him the whole time.
Here is my photo for the contest on the blog
the theme is water.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Party in the USA

We had quite the exciting evening at the Marlow High School Gym. Aubrey had taken a dance clinic with the high School Bootleggers (for all of you that don't know what this is it is like Pom girls at other schools our mascot is the Outlaws so go figure we have Bootleggers as our dancers) last Saturday and learned a dance to Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA and they performed it last night at half time of the boys basketball game. It went really well and we even got to see a girl start doing the worm at the end of it. She had everyone laughing hysterically. It was a great show, and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aubrey and Cadey playing in makeup.

Playing outside and building snowmen.

Uncle Casey & Jackson

Uncle Casey

Mom and Dads Deck


Christmas at Mom and Dads

Papa & Jackson

Bryan tickeling Cadey

Cadey & Aubrey

More Christmas at home

Aubreys new bottlecap necklace she has been begging for.

A Christmas we will never forget!

Our new stocking I loved the way they turned out. I ordered them from Lands End.

Our Christmas Tree