Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So happy!



My first snake experience at the new house.

I usually hate snakes. As a matter of fact I usually flip out when I see them, and sometimes I am dangerous to be around when I see one, but I was so proud of how I handled this one. I was checking on the goats yesterday and I had noticed up by the house this really pretty yellow flower and I thought I would go check it out to see what kind of flower it was. When I got back from checking on the goats I rode the four wheeler up to the house and laying on the ground right next to it was this snake. So what do I do. Go get the shovel. The only thing going through my ind is Aubrey and Jackson playing in the yard and this thing getting in one of their buckets or Jackson stepping on it or something. So anyways this all happened about 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I was off work and Bryan was at work. So I take the shovel over there and try stabbing the thing and goes into this bush. So I decided to leave it alone. So when Bryan got off work I kind of forgot about it, and then realized it may still be in that bush. So he went over there and there was a piece of tin on the ground and he lifted up the tin and said yeap there it is. So we decided to catch the thing and I had Mom look it up on the Internet to see what kind of snake it was. So we found out it was a harmless garter snake with supper in it's belly. I think it was eating the lizards (we have millions of lizards see pic from an older post). Anyways dad told us to let it go because it eats mice and small critters. So we did. I use to think the only good snake was a dead snake, but I think this helped with my fears. Oh by the way it was a Garter Snake very common in Oklahoma, and non venomous.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Newest edition to our family.

We have 7 new goats we bought this weekend. We have so much for them to eat down so hopefully we will start seeing some areas that are totally wooded. We have a billy goat that is so funny I will post more pics this week. I love watching them butt each other it is the funniest thing. The kids just love watching them.

Grannie playing Simon Says with the grandkids!

Aubrey found the mother load!

Easter Egg hunting at the Harvey's (my parents)

Easter egg hunting at my Grandmas retirement home.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Pics

Some pics of the kids yesterday!